Suppressing Freedom for The Sake of Security Our world today is filled with unnecessary oppression. Slavery is one common form of human oppression, but there are numerous other forms as well. War, death, hunger, and sadness caused the elders in the society of The Giver to force each citizen to live extremely structured, controlled lives. That structure and control effected each person’s ability to live unique, private, and free lives. The elders in The Giver wanted all the citizens in the community to be undifferentiated for their own safety, so they greatly censored all citizens. Lack of freedom to pursue individual happiness is, indeed, a form of oppression not only faced by fictional book characters, but also by twenty-first century Americans. American society is changing so rapidly that we as independent Americans must decide whether safety, or freedom, is more important. Plenty of authors have agendas they attempt to explain through the books that they write. The novel The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, is one such book. Lowry became inspired to write The Giver when she began to wonder what life would be like if we could choose which memories we remembered, and which memories we forgot. Lowry created the elders in the book to ensure that the people in the society of The Giver remembered nothing from past generations. In the past, there had been war and sadness, and the elders

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